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Dashboarding binnen lokale besturen

Visualize and monitor all financial data of your local government 

Cloud-based budget and performance management solutions, leveraging Microsoft Power BI. 

Out-of-the-box reports

Reliable and easy to use

From analysis to insights

The power of data

Avoid manual work

Time reduction  by avoiding manual work

Real-time monitoring

Support with day-to-day tasks

Analysis & trends

Make better decisions based on advanced insights

Our modules

I want...

The reporting module supports all quarterly or annual reporting to management. It contains all the desired elements that local governements require to report and monitor and connects directly to the accounting software of your administration.

Faster reporting based on reliable data


Financial department

Direct monitoring of the financial processes via real-time dashboards. Detecting duplicate payments, late validations, outstanding claims, duplicate third parties and so on.

Strengthening the internal organization

Internal Monitoring

Financial department

Collect all communication on 1 central platform and let each department provide input separately. This can be done at the various levels (per project, individual action...) or around the events of the past year. 

Organize information optimally



Organization wide

Or do you prefer customization?

Allow individuals to  monitor their budgetary limits in a user-friendly dashboard. Improve transparancy and allow for an improved budget management proces. 

Insights on available budget

Budget Control

Organization wide


2021 Selection

Comments from our partners

“We used to spend a lot of time analyzing data in Excel. 
Delta Public's dashboards made the reporting process a lot easier.

The modules on internal monitoring also provided a lot of insights into which processes we can still improve, and the reports help us to track these improvements."
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