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Privacy Policy

In order to be able to offer a good service as a software company, we work with personal data. On the basis of this privacy statement, we would like to explain to you more about the way in which we handle the personal data we have.

This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data by Delta Public. We believe it is important to handle your personal data with care, and we do this in accordance with European privacy legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviated as AVG or GDPR) and the relevant federal and Flemish legislation.



Personal data includes all information with which someone can be identified. This can be direct, for example on the basis of a name, national register number or photo. Sometimes it is also possible to indirectly identify a person through a combination of different types of information, for example address, age and gender. All information that can be linked to someone in this way falls under the heading of 'personal data'.

In practice, processing includes any use of personal data, such as collecting, storing, modifying, consulting, disseminating or deleting it.

The controller determines which personal data are processed, which means are used for this and for what purposes this is done. In most cases, the local government is the controller when processing personal data of its residents.

Processors are parties that process personal data on behalf of the controller. Delta Public is a good example of this, as a local government relies on the processing of (personal) data.


We only process the personal data that are necessary for the purposes pursued, or the delivery of reports/dashboards that should help the local government to carry out internal monitoring and reporting. We do not store any data ourselves, except for the reports that remain in the management of Delta Public and that are necessary for the completion of the agreement with the customer / the local government and only inspect the reports & the underlying data for technical purposes such as "bug fixes”, the roll-out of improvements and to ensure that the reports are and remain operational.

We do not store your data longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. When a contract is terminated with a local government, we ensure that the report is removed within 30 days.

We also take the necessary security measures to protect the personal data that we process in an appropriate manner.

The personal data is only accessible to the persons who need it for the performance of their tasks. In addition, anyone involved in the processing of personal data is legally or contractually bound to treat it confidentially.


Purposes and processing grounds


We only collect and use your personal data if we have established a clear and legitimate purpose for it.

We only process the personal data that are necessary for the purposes pursued, or the delivery of reports/dashboards that should help the local government to carry out internal monitoring and reporting. More specifically, we only process your data on the basis of the following processing grounds:

  • While setting up or developing the application as evidenced by the contractual agreement with the local government

  • For technical purposes eg “bug fixes”

  • For rolling out improvements

  • For operational control (correct operation of the application)


We also process data when you contact us via our website. The processing ground here is the request for contact from the person who provides the data. We do not keep this data longer than necessary, and it can be viewed at any time. If you wish to delete the collected personal data, you can do this easily by sending an e-mail to with the subject “DPO contact – delete all info”. We will do the necessary within 14 days.


We do not pass on your personal data to other parties, unless there is a legal basis for this. In principle, your data will only be processed within the European Economic Area (EEA). If, in exceptional cases, your personal data is nevertheless processed outside the EEA, this will always be done in accordance with the regulations of the GDPR.



  • Right to information and access

  • Right to correction and supplement

  • Right to be forgotten

  • Right to object

  • Right to data portability

  • Right not to be subject to automated decision-making


You can exercise your rights by e-mail to


Social media

Delta Public uses LinkedIn for marketing purposes.  

If you contact us in a private message via these channels (e.g. to ask a question or report a problem), your personal data will be processed. We only use this information to help you further or to comply with your request. After processing your request, these messages are no longer stored by us.

If you respond to our public messages or share or like these messages, this data will be visible to others. This public data is kept and is visible as long as it is not deleted by you.

As a social media user, your personal data is also processed by the social media platform in question. Delta Public itself has no control over the further processing of your personal data by these platforms. The privacy statements of the social media platforms apply to these processing operations.


Our privacy policy was last amended on November 1, 2021.

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