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Monitor tool for internal

financial processes

Delta Public provides comprehensive Power BI Reports for local authorities to better monitor its financial processes.
But it doesn't stop there. 

Man die analyse doet in Power BI


Detecting inefficiencies

Local authorities today face many challenges. They are expected to digitize, but are not provided with sufficient resources to make this happen. Moreover, traditional software usually has few options for monitoring and following up financial processes based on the often infinite underlying data.


Instead of using Excel documents, our reports show insights and anomalies in a visual way so that you as an organization can make the right decisions based on accurate, realtime data.  


Building block for a balanced organizational management

Delta Public contributes to the development of a strong system for organizational management. The tool focuses on the 'check' & 'act' of the PDCA cycle. Internal monitoring allows the board to better understand its own operational functioning and to take concrete actions where necessary.

In addition, the application has a number of control mechanisms (double payments, self-validations, rights management) that ensure that the local government is better armed against external control and supervision. 

computer met dashboard in zetel


Make digitization an asset within your organization

Our software application requires licenses provided by Delta Public. These are linked to individual employees, so that they can also start building reports themselves.


The local government is introduced to data visualization tool Power BI for reporting or internal monitoring, but it doesn't have to stop there. We believe every department benefits from the introduction of data visualization and are happy to discuss its relevance in various domains besides finance.


More information during a non-binding conversation? 

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