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User-friendly reporting to the various stakeholders

The export options via Power BI accelerate the mandatory and additional reporting within local government. 

Twee personen hebben een meeting waarin ze een design bespreken.


Automatically generate visual reports tailored to the end user

Delta Public makes the link to the accounting software with the aim of generating and modulating reports in an automated and user-friendly manner, tailored to the end user. The application takes into account the legal provisions such as the reporting obligations under the local government decree and reduces the workload as a result of these reporting requirements.


Use our pre-programmed reports and templates for annual reporting in the context of the annual accounts, quarterly reporting and any interim reports to the political level and the management team. 


Get to insights, faster

Our reporting tool starts from two angles:  

  • Financial: we provide a user-friendly representation of reporting obligations imposed by law (financial reporting) and go a lot further by, for example, including changes to the multi-year plan as standard. 

  • Collaboration: conversations with local authorities show that substantive reporting (eg internal communication about the progress of the planned actions) is also gaining in importance. This feature is included in the reporting module.  


The implementation of new software can in some cases be considered very intensive. Our application does not require installation of any additional software, but works in the browser.  The operation is sufficiently user-friendly to get started right away and to make reporting faster & more efficient. ​


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