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Module 1 - Power BI: the Basics

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In this module you will learn the basics of Power BI. The target audience of this module are employees in domains such as finance, HRM, ICT or sales with an interest in building Power BI reports. We start with a tour of the different environments (Desktop, Web Service) and end with a hands-on video after which you are able to build reports yourself. Topics that no longer hold secrets after this course - consulting reports in the right environment - the different parts of Power BI Web Service and Power BI Desktop - loading an Excel file as a data source for building a report - perform limited transformations on a loaded data source - changing the layout of a visual † The course is divided into several steps and contains both questionnaires and a video of approximately 30 minutes. Those with some experience in Power BI can start right away with module 2: "Power BI Advanced" where we take a closer look at some advanced concepts.




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